Wood Cladding

Wood Cladding: The Easy Way to Add Character to Any Property.

If you’re looking for an easy way to bring some rustic charm into your home or improve your internal wall panelling then decorative wall panels are the perfect option. Gone are the days when wall cladding was thought of as drab and out-dated.  

Wall paneling allows property owners to think outside the box and go beyond plasterboard and paint to create cosy and comfortable spaces. From eye-catching feature walls, create a cosy timber-clad cocoon in your home to commercial property, the options timber can offer are endless. 

The installation of reclaimed, weathered, and real wood is highly favoured amongst architects, developers, project managers and designers as a way to cost-effectively add character to boost the value of your property. 

Rustic accents in modernistic spaces can create striking yet homely effects, the only downside is that you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a finish, colour and design. Timber boards can be installed horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally, here are just a few of your options: 

Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Installing reclaimed wood which has been sourced from mills and barns is the easiest way to add inimitable rustic charm to any property. You’ll even be helping out the environment by reusing materials which will stand the test of time.

Solid Wood Paneling

When it comes to solid wood paneling, you’ll have the option to choose from materials including (but not limited to) birch, oak, black-alder, pine tree and ash tree. The versatility and adaptability of solid wood are boundless, if you’re looking to express yourself, there’s no easier way to do it than with Solid Wood Paneling.

Weathered Wood Boards

Weathered Wood is the best option for commercial wall cladding. It is naturally resistant to marks, stains and scuffs. Brushed wood tends to come with warm and inviting tones thanks to its brushed finish.

Charred Wood Boards

If you want a distinctive eye-catching finish, charred wood creates an incredibly bold statement when installed internally or externally. Better yet, the treatment of charred wood ensures durability which can last up to 60 years!

Considering Interior Wood Walls for Your Property?

Audrini Living is a leading supplier in wall paneling for commercial and residential properties.

All our cladding is prepared and treated on-site by our experienced team of craftsmen who are dedicated to providing a 5-star award-winning service. You’ll find our wood paneling on the walls of a myriad of high-end commercial spaces, such as hotels, retail spaces, restaurants and bars alongside hundreds of homes in the UK. 

We only use the finest grade solid, reclaimed, weathered, hand-hewn wood sourced from old structures such as barns for our cladding, and the installation process is quicker than you’d think. 

Once your order has been placed, your new wall paneling will be with you in around seven days and it can be installed in a matter of hours. 

If you have any questions our sales team will be happy to deal with any queries. Contact us on +44 7580570796 or use our contact form.
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