Decorative Wood Wall Panelling

Interior wood wall panelling from the Audrini Living is authentic, distinct and modern. Our wood panels are carefully crafted from responsibly sourced materials by industry experts. We’re passionate about wood, art, and nature, and we strive to bring these values forward within our panelling.

Reclaimed Wood Panels

Unique wood wall panels for feature walls, offices, and restaurants. Our designer... 

Reclaimed Wood Wall Panel Amber

Introducing Silver Panelling For Your Walls.

How to style your interior for your home?

Wood is a material featured in the most luxurious of beach hotels, bars, and restaurants and by bringing the outdoors in you are adding warmth and depth that also blurs the boundaries between outdoor and indoor spaces to create a cohesive and relaxing space. Bring wooden elements to your home.

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    Use materials and textures to add interest. Wood, cotton, linen, rattan, and glass are great examples.

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    Simply stick to a neutral colour palette, but don't forget to spice the room with a little accent like indoor plants.

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    By adding personal touches, you can establish an interior that reflects your personality and favourite things.

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We create remarkable products for modern customers who want to improve the look and charm of their favourite room.

Innovative Wall Decor Panels Designed For Commercial & Residential Developments.

Real Wood Panels

Whether it’s a decorative feature wall for the home, an eye catching... 

Bedroom Interior With DejaVu Real Wood Wall Panelling
Dining Room Interior With Rubato Real Wood Wall Panelling