Looking at Renovating Your Home? You May Want to Consider the Benefits of Charred Wood Cladding.

Looking at Renovating Your Home? You May Want to Consider the Benefits of Charred Wood Cladding.

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke finish to the exterior of your property or are thinking about adding some modern twist to your living room, charred wood cladding is becoming an increasingly popular method to create interior design vibe.

At Audrini Living, we have experience in sourcing and retailing Shou Sugi Ban charred wood to transform our customer’s homes and commercial spaces. We know that authenticity is key when it comes to paying homage to the traditional Japanese art of Shou Sugi Ban. By matching the process, we guarantee durability. 


​What is Shou Sugi Ban Cladding? ​

Shou Sugi Ban (also known as Yakisugi) is a method of treating wood to make it weather-resistant and waterproof by charring the wood. The practice started in 18th-Century Japan, but the method was globally adopted, and still to this day it is recognised as one of the most effective methods when it comes to treating wood to ensure durability. 

As the wood is blackened, the wood’s distinct and clean lines become striking – when it has been done by professionals. As an effect of the charring, the wood is turned to a deep charcoal black colour, however, today you can find plenty of different variations in colour and texture.

Benefits of Charred Wood Cladding.

As the tradition of charring wood for weatherproofing is still being carried out 800 years later, you can rest assured when it comes to the durability which the finish offers. The charred layer of wood is resistant to water, mould, insects and even fire!

Why Choose Audrini Living for Your Charred Wood Wall Cladding?

All our charred wood is ethically sourced, and we take pride in the high-quality cladding which we deliver direct to your door. All our cladding is processed in the Baltic States and we strive, where possible, to only use domestic wood species which are specially treated to offer durability.

We may uphold the tradition of Shou Sugi Ban, but we also make sure that we offer modern and stylistic options to our customers. 

If you browse through our charred wood cladding products, you’ll find a versatile range of styles including gloss finishes, matt finishes, crocodile finish, and you’ll also get to select from a range of colours including blue, pink, green and orange. 

We love to see how our wall covering can transform spaces in the hands of architects, designers and home developers. 

Whether it’s for eye-catching accents, interior wall decor, exterior cladding, custom furniture or even flooring, homes can easily and cost-effectively transformed with our creations in no time.

When it comes to charred wood, precision and accuracy need to be the key in both preparation and charring. Which is how you know your satisfaction will come as a guarantee with our products.
If you have any questions or would like to chat with a member of our sales team, you can contact us on 07580570796 or fill out our contact form and a member of our team will be happy to answer your query.

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