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Think Solid Wood Paneling is Outdated? Think Again!

At Audrini Living, we love to change perceptions about solid wood paneling. We’re here to prove that when used in the right way, wood paneling can add bespoke accents to any interior. 

We’ve worked with countless architects, developers and designers to create eye-catching modernistic spaces and we offer the very same service to homeowners too! We love to facilitate the small projects as much as the grand designs.

Thanks to us, wood paneling no longer needs to be synonymous with dreary and drab interiors. Instead, our sustainably sourced wood can add decorative character into any space. If you’re looking for a Pinterest-worthy home, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re opting for a rustic or modern influence to your home interior our wide range of wood panels was created to cater for every possible taste. 

Homeowners have found that our wood cladding makes for a striking feature when installed in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, lounge or office. While businesses have used our handmade products to provide ambience and warmth into restaurants, offices, apartments, and hotels.

Why Timber Creates a Relaxing Space

Interestingly, welcoming timber into your home does plenty more than improving the aesthetic of your home. Extensive research has been carried out which concludes that you’ll get the same psychological benefit from introducing raw wooden materials into your home as you get from spending time outdoors! So, if you can never spend too much time outdoors why not bring the outdoors indoors?

Being surrounded by wood can boost your well-being, it is also argued that wood has healing properties after it was found that exposure to wood can even shorten the length of hospital stays! From lower heart rates to lower blood pressure, the psychological and physical benefits from adding natural warmth and comfort into your home are endless. Additionally, wood can improve the quality of air in your home and even reduce humidity!

Environmentally Conscious? So Are We!

Audrini Living recognises the responsibly we have to ethically source all of our products. We source the wood for our bespoke paneling from sustainable well-preserved Baltic States forests. We have one aim, to provide the best product possible without costing the earth. 
As wooden accent walls will never go out of trend, our wood panelling comes with a made to last guarantee to give our customers peace of mind that they’ll get to appreciate the rustic allure of wood paneling for years to come after the installation. The durability of our products is yet another key to our environmentally conscious ethos.

Ordering Wood paneling from Audrini Living

Once you’ve chosen from our wide selection of home decor panels, you’ll be able to make your purchase via online store. Or if you’d like to be contacted first to discuss your project, we’ll happily answer any queries of yours via our Get In Touch form. After your order has been placed our wall paneling will be with you within 7 working days. Most installations only take a few hours before you see your home transformed and you can always contact your local trusted handyman for help with the installation if required.

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