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Amber Lite Wall Panels

Amber Lite Wall Panels

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Our Amber Lite Collection is made from reclaimed weathered wood where our experienced craftsman has applied brushed surface treatment creating one of a kind appearance that will never fail to add that ever needed vibe to residential or commercial interior.

Variety of warm wood tones and deep textures are showcased as the result of natural weathering on these solid pine reclaimed wood planks. Inject natural authenticity into a space by applying to a full room or feature wall that adds distintive texture and character. 

Our timber wall covering panels are crafted sustainably from authentic timber sources in Baltics. No trees are chopped down in the making. Instead, we are reusing barn materials, benches, boats and furniture that is no longer in use, giving them a new life.

Planks will have natural characteristics and colour variation that will add authenticity to any interior.

Amber Lite Collection has been designed with smaller rooms in mind. This means that panel length has been shortened in comparison to Amber Collection. (Size of one panels 320/590/1180 x 60/80/100 mm)


Reclaimed Spruce & Pine Tree Timber.


Length of panel is 140 / 320 / 590 mm x 2 pc.
Width of panel is 60 / 80 / 100 mm x 2 pc.
Thickness of panel is 10mm
Weight of package is 5kg
Package Content: 1 m² , 18 pieces of tiles/panels x 2 pc. from each size

Care information

Keep away from direct exposure to water at all times. Dedust with cleaning brush every 3 months.

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