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Ozo Wall Panels

Ozo Wall Panels

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The Ozo Collection is the perfect choice for anyone looking to bring a natural and authentic look to their home or commercial space. Made from solid oak wood with a structured surface, the paneling features a pleasant and organic oak surface that creates a beachy, light-tone and washed texture. It is the ideal solution for those who want to add a touch of nature to their residential developments or any space that could use a warm and inviting aesthetic.

With its unique and distinctive look, the Ozo Collection is sold per square meter, making it easy to calculate the exact amount needed for your project. Our sustainably-sourced timber ensures that you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of real wood without harming the environment.

When you choose the Ozo Collection for your walls, you're not only getting a beautiful and durable wall covering, but you're also making an eco-friendly choice that supports responsible forestry practices. Make the most of the natural appeal of wood panelling for walls by selecting our Ozo Collection and enhance the look and feel of your space with the warm, character-filled vibe that only real wood can provide.


Solid Oak Timber.


Length of panel is 320 / 590 / 1180mm
Width of panel is 60 / 80 / 100mm
Thickness of panel is 4 - 7mm
Weight of package is 5kg
Package Content: 1 m² , 18 pieces of tiles/panels 

Care information

Keep away from direct exposure to water at all times. Dedust with cleaning brush every 3 months.

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Customer Stories

We are in love with this sitting room transformation. Matthew has beautifully styled an open and airy space to create a relaxed atmosphere.

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Acclimatisation & Recommended Adhesive.

To ensure optimal results, we suggest acclimatizing the wood panels to the new environment for 1-2 days without unpacking them. This allows the panels to adjust to the climate of the room. When installing the panels, it is important to use a water-free polymer-based flexible mounting adhesive. Avoid using dispersion-based (water-based) adhesives, as they may cause the panels to deform. Following these guidelines will help you achieve the desired outcome.

preparing the wall

Preparing The Wall For Wood Panels.

Before installing the panels, ensure that the surface is reasonably flat, clean, dry, and free from dust. Please note that our product is designed for use in rooms with a relative humidity ranging from 40% to 60%. Due to the natural wood composition, we do not recommend using the panels in high humidity areas.

how to install

How To Install Wood Wall Panelling.

When attaching the panels to the wall, it is important to use a polymer-based mounting adhesive. Avoid using dispersion-based (water-based) adhesives, as they can cause the panels to deform. When selecting an adhesive, carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, taking into consideration the specific surface requirements and recommended amount of adhesive. Apply the adhesive as instructed, ensuring that it is also applied to the corners of the panels for secure bonding.

how to attach

How To Attach Wood Panels To Wall.

You have the flexibility to arrange the panels on the wall according to your individual preference and creativity. You can explore various options, such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or any other pattern that suits your vision. Alternatively, you can refer to the provided diagram for inspiration and guidance on panel placement.