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Polymer Elastic Mounting Glue

Polymer Elastic Mounting Glue

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Adhesive based on hybrid-polymer. 

Description: One-component, hybrid, pasty adhesive, based on MS Polymers. It doesn't contain solvents, isocyanates or water. Excellent adhesion to most surfaces, such as concrete, plaster, chipboard, wood, brick, metal sheets, various synthetic materials or glass. Does not require use of primer, high final strength, moisture and UV radiation resistant. Further details are available on the technical information page upon request.

Instructions for use: the surface must be clean, dry and free from dust and dirt. Apply the adhesive in spots, stripes or in wavy lines on the surface or bonded material.  After application, connect bonded elements and press strongly and evenly. Correction of the bonding surfaces is possible within 15 minutes. Open time: 10-20 min. Application temperature: +5°C to + 30°C. Resistance temperature: -30°C to +80°C. Duration of full cure: 1 to 24 h. Apply a test coat before starting work. Consumption: 290 ml. The guaranteed shelf life and batch number are indicated on the packaging. 

This product can only be purchased at the time of wall paneling purchase. As this glue is specially designed for our wall covering creations this makes it the best possible adhesive for such matter.



Care information

Keep away from direct exposure to water at all times. Dedust with cleaning brush every 3 months.

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