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Rubato Wall Panels

Rubato Wall Panels

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Our Rubato Collection is unique wall decoration and an original way to highlight the wall making it a work of art within any interior. This panel is made from birch, alder, oak and ash-tree using different thickness components and sold per m2. This real wood panel is handcrafted with different variance in thickness to create subtle yet effective three dimensional style.

To make it even more special consider adding a wall light that highlights the 3D effect of this panel and allows to enjoy unforgettable game of light created on each component of the wall covering. By choosing Rubato Collection to decorate walls you will add a contemporary feel to your interior design.

Timber used has been crafted sustainably from authentic timber sources in Baltics. Enhance the benefits pure wood can deliver to you and your living space by choosing decorative wood wall from our Rubato Collection.


Mix of oak, ash-tree, black alder and birch timber.


Length of panel is 600mm
Width of panel is 150mm
Thickness of panel is 26mm
Weight of package is 13.8kg
Package Content: 1 m² , 11 pieces of tiles/panels 

Care information

Keep away from direct exposure to water at all times. Dedust with cleaning brush every 3 months.

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We are in love with this sitting room transformation. Matthew has beautifully styled an open and airy space to create a relaxed atmosphere.

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